Sheet Metal Fabrication Services

Custom Design, Fabrication, & Installation

The trusted name in custom sheet metal fabrication & industrial plant maintenance!

Central Industrial Sheet Metal Works designs, builds, and installs a broad range of architectural, industrial and commercial projects with 24 hour Emergency Support!

We have engineers on staff and offer computer aided custom designing and engineering in the shop and field.

About Central Industrial Sheet Metal's Services:

Professional, reliable, fast-turnaround
Industrial Metal Fabricators, Kansas City MO
  • Design & fabrication of a variety of industrial or architectural metal equipment & specialty items
  • Product design & engineering in the shop or field
  • Computer aided drafting
  • All types of welding
  • Shearing, bending & rolling of any gauge material
  • Portable plasma cutting
  • Field Installation Crews
  • Research and Development Assistance
  • Project Management
  • 24 hour Emergency Support